Life is complicated for the Broderick kids.
They've just moved to a new neighborhood. Their parents are having problems. 
Mom is always busy with work, Dad is always busy on his computer.
Half the time, it seems like they forget they even have children.
The kids are having problems too.
Twelve-year-old Katie doesn't like having to take care of little brother Sam.
Katie's twin Kevin is only interested in sports, and is mad at Mom and Dad.
Eight-year-old Sam can't stand being bossed around by Katie.


The rest of the family thinks Dad's sister, Aunt Ellie, is weird.
But when the kids discover a secret room in Aunt Ellie's basement, and a glowing silver 
doorway that leads to another world, the realize how weird their aunt really is.
Other kids sometimes come through that door.
Kids from a world where magic is real, and so are gnomes, elves, goblins, and dragons. 
They come through the door looking for help from a good sorceress.
Instead, they get Katie, Kevin and Sam.

January, 2008 -- Silver Doorway #6: The Alchemist's Girl, is now available!
May, 2005
--  Silver Doorway #5: Orcs Ahoy!, is now available!
July, 2004
-- Silver Doorway #4: Dragon on the Loose, is now available!
February, 2004 -- Silver Doorway #3: An Elf's Adventure, is now available!
October, 2003 -- Silver Doorway #2, Dwarves in the Dark, is now available! Discover what your dwarven birthstone and metal are, on the Activities page.
June, 2003 -- Silver Doorway #1, A Gnome Away From Home, is now available! Check out the special extra online activity, "Dame Coinpenny's Cookbook," on the Activities page.
June 13, 2003 -- Silver Doorway #1, A Gnome Away From Home, is now at the printer!

February 2008 -- RadCon, Pasco WA

Silver Doorway #1
A Gnome Away From Home

Marky of Gnome Keep is 
lost and alone. He can't find Pip, 
his puppy. He can't find his way 
out of the woods. To make 
matters worse, some giant owls 
have just decided to have him for 

When Dad doesn't show up 
to get them after Kevin's game, 
the Broderick kids decide to 
walk to Aunt Ellie's house. She 
isn't at home, so they use the 
spare key.

A sneeze leads them down 
to the basement, where they 
follow a little gnome back 
through the door ...

Available: Now!
Price: $6.99

Silver Doorway #2
Dwarves in the Dark

Stone Hammerfine and Sam 
Broderick might be from 
different worlds, one of them a 
dwarven boy and one of them a 
human boy, but they have 
something in common. Mean, 
bossy sisters!

To show Garnet and Katie 
that they are old enough to take 
care of themselves, Stone and 
Sam end up deep in a forbidden 

Where they go from being 
caught in the web of a huge and 
hungry spider to being on the 
run from a scary bunch of axe-
carrying dwarven robbers ...

Available: Now!
Price: $6.99

Silver Doorway #3
An Elf's Adventure

Talaitha Elladyr only wants 
to do what her heart knows is 
best. A magical elven artifact 
can make her parents love each 
other again, and keep them from 
getting a divorce. She must go 
on a quest to find the Chalice of 

Kevin thinks Talaitha is the 
most beautiful girl he's ever 
seen. Even if she is way too old 
for him. She needs a swordsman, 
and after one lesson from Cal, 
Aunt Ellie's boyfriend, Kevin is 

And if the cup can work on 
Talaitha's parents, maybe ...

Available: Now!
Price: $6.99

Silver Doorway #4
Dragoon on the Loose

Draca the dragon thinks that she is going to have a peaceful day. Her treasure and her precious egg are safe in her mountaintop cave. She is looking forward to relaxing with her gold ... until enemies invade her lair.  

Chester the cat thinks that he is going to have a peaceful day. His owner is away on a trip and he has the house to himself. Everything is nice and quiet ... until a dragon egg hatches in the basement! 

Katie Broderick thinks that she is going to have a peaceful day. Her brothers are over at a friend's house playing video games. She is spending a pleasant afternoon reading ... until she gets a phone call from Aunt Ellie's cat.  

With Ellie gone, Chester knows that there are only three people he can turn to for help. Three other people who know the secret of the silver doorway, and the magical world on the other side. There is no time to waste! A baby dragon is on the loose in Luna Park! 

And catching the baby turns out to be just the start of the problems for Katie, Kevin, and Sam. They have to take the baby home to its mother, but where is its mother?

Available Now!
Price: $6.99

Silver Doorway #5
Orcs Ahoy!

Sam Broderick's life just keeps getting worse and worse. His dad moved out. His mom might have a boyfriend. The housekeeper doesn't make any of his favorite food. His big brother and sister are as bossy as ever. And to top it all off, he has to spend his weekends cleaning out a junky old trailer. 


Sam is about to discover that he doesn't have it as bad as he thinks. 


Druush, a young orc from the seafaring island empire of Gerosh, has had to flee his home to avoid being killed by the mighty warrior who wants to marry his mother. His only chance of survival is to convince the emperor to spare him. 


And so, armed with a bowling ball, a bunch of Hawaiian shirts and a box of ugly ties, the Brodericks set off through the Silver Doorway on their greatest adventure yet!


Available: Now!
Price: $6.99

Silver Doorway #6
The Alchemist's 

After all of their adventures, keeping the secret of the Silver Doorway has been difficult. But it becomes impossible when hostile wizards from the other side send their magic against Aunt Ellie and Chester.

Katie, Kevin and Sam must find help on both sides of the Doorway in order to rescue their Aunt, but can they do it in time?


Available: Now!

Price: $6.99


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Katie Broderick
Twelve-year-old Katie is 
small and skinny for her 
age, with bright red hair 
and freckles. She and 
Kevin are twins, with a 
birthday in July. Katie is 
a good student who 
likes to read and draw. 
She sometimes feels like 
her parents are picking 
on her when they leave 
her in charge of Sam.
Kevin Broderick
Twelve-year-old Kevin is 
tall, strong, and athletic. 
He has dark brown hair 
and enjoys all kinds of 
outdoor activities. He 
collects trading cards 
and plays ball for the 
Luna Park Lions. Most 
of the girls in his class 
think he's cute, but 
Kevin is more interested 
in sports than girls. 
Sam Broderick
Eight-year-old Sam is 
blond and blue-eyed 
and sometimes gets into 
trouble by not stopping 
to think about what he's 
doing. He likes 
cartoons, toy dinosaurs, 
video games, fun and 
cookies. What he 
doesn't like is his sister 
Katie always thinking 
she can tell him what to 
Aunt Ellie
Ellie Silver is Dad's 
younger sister. She is 
tall, with dark red hair 
and grey-green eyes. 
Ellie lives with her cat 
Chester in a small 
cottage with a garden. 
She likes to bake and 
make crafts, and the 
rest of the family thinks 
she's strange. Even 
before they see what's 
in her basement. 
Steve Broderick has 
dark hair and eyes like 
Kevin. He works from 
home as a computer 
programmer and game 
designer. Steve 
sometimes gets so 
caught up in what he's 
doing that he forgets 
what else is going on.
Jillian Broderick is 
blonde and blue-eyed 
like Sam, and very 
proud of her job as a 
powerful corporate 
executive. She makes 
lots of money, but is 
often called away to 
business meetings and 
has to work late.
Uncle Dennis
Mom's twin brother, 
also blond, Uncle 
Dennis is a professional 
player for a minor 
league team. He is 
away from home a lot 
during baseball season. 
He has a wife and a 
baby boy who live in a 
nearby town.
Chester is Aunt Ellie's 
cat. He has short white 
fur, big blue eyes, and 
wears a silvery collar 
with a bell. Sam has 
been scared of Chester 
ever since he got 
scratched on the nose. 
Chester is a cat with a 
special secret.
Grandma Broderick 
lives in a nursing home. 
She and her husband, 
Steve and Ellie's 
parents, used to live in 
Luna Park.
Jeffrey is Mom's 
administrative assistant. 
The kids think Jeffrey 
likes their mom a little 
too much.
Cal rides a motorcycle, 
wears an earring and a 
leather jacket, and has a 
tattoo. He's Aunt Ellie's 
Kevin's best friend at 
Luna Park Elementary 
is a boy named Toby. 
They like to buy and 
trade collectible cards.
The Silver Doorway leads to a fantasy world in which magic and magical creatures are real. This world, which has two moons -- one silver and one black -- and different constellations, is home to many kinds of people. Some are human, who live in an age of kings, castles, knights, and wizards. The others include gnomes, dwarves, elves, orcs, goblins, and dragons.

Gnomes -- short and agile, clever with their hands, the gnomes are friendly and cheerful. They raise giant mice on mouse ranches, and train dogs to pull carts or carry riders. They live in a city carved out of a large flat-topped mountain, called Gnome Keep. Many gnomes travel and live in other countries.

Dwarves -- taller than the gnomes but still shorter than humans, the dwarves live in a subterranean land called Underearth. They mine metal and jewels from the earth, and build many types of weapons and machines. Their caves are often shared by a variety of bugs, which provide tasty food for the dwarves.

Elves -- very tall, graceful, and beautiful, the elves can live for hundreds of years and have powerful magic spells. They love art, fine food, wine, music and dance. Their main home is the Emerin, a forest kingdom, though other groups of elves live in faraway lands.

Orcs -- very strong, very fierce, and in most cases very ugly, the orcs do not get along well with their neighbors. Or even with each other. They have greenish skin, piggish noses, and big tusks rising from their lower jaws. Orcs will gladly fight with, and eat, anything they can.

Goblins -- distant cousins of the orcs, goblin-kind are smaller, weaker, and sneakier. They are green and monkeylike, and are said to steal children and turn them into more goblins.

Dragons -- once highly intelligent with cities of their own, the dragons have become a wild and 
sometimes hunted race. Some are still able to speak and use magic, while others are savage and love only killing and gathering treasure.

The Northlands is the name of a human kingdom ruled by the Highlord. Its main city is Thanis, where the Highlord as well as the greatest of the human wizard -- the Archmage Talus Yor -- live. Montennor is one of the few dwarven settlements that welcomes visitors. Perras Peliani is the capitol of the Emerin. Hramad, an island nation, is ruled by human wizards who hate the elves.

Older readers wishing to learn more about this world and its inhabitants may enjoy the MageLore and ElfLore books, two trilogies of fantasy novels by the same author.
C. M. Morgan grew up in the high desert country of California's Mojave Desert. From the time she was a little kid, she enjoyed making up stories and would spend hours playing them out with her collections of toy animals and dolls. She discovered a new kind of story-telling play in 1981, when she was introduced to role-playing games. That hobby has stayed with her ever since.

Eager for some trees and water in her life, she attended college at Humboldt State University in the extreme northern part of the state. She graduated in 1990 with a degree in Psychology. While she had always planned to be a writer, she found learning about motivation and behavior to be more interesting than majoring in literature. Later that year, she moved to Seattle, WA.

In 1992, she got married to a wonderful man named Tim, and in 1994 they were delighted to welcome their baby daughter, Rebecca. The three of them moved to a bigger house in a town north of Seattle, where they currently live with their three cats -- Schroedinger, Darth, and Ichabod -- and two mice called Squeak and Jumper.

Besides reading, writing, and gaming, C. M. enjoys cooking, arts and crafts, action movies, British comedy shows, robotic combat, and traveling to conventions. She writes many kinds of stories for readers of all ages.